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Appraisal Report

Page 1 Summary Appraisal Report
Page 2 Appraisal Letter
Page 3 Client Intended User and Use, Retrospective Value, Market Value, Property Description, Legal Description
Page 4 Assessment and Taxes, Property Rights Appraised, Ownership and History of the Property
Page 5 Neighborhood - Local
Page 6 Neighborhood - Local (Cont.)
Page 7 Site, Zoning
Page 8 Description of Improvements, Construction Details
Page 9 Description of Improvements (Cont.)
Page 10 Highest and Best Use, Estimated Marketing/Exposure Time
Page 11 Approaches to Value
Page 12 Sales Comparison Approach
Page 13 Sales Comparison Approach (Cont.)
Page 14 Sales Comparison Appraoch (Cont.)
Page 15 Comparable Sales Grid
Page 16 Comparable Sales Map
Page 17 Cost Approach, Income Approach, Reconciliation and Opinion of Value of Value
Page 18 Reconciliation and Opinion of Value of Value (Cont.)
Page 19 Reconciliation and Opinion of Value of Value (Cont.)
Page 20 Reconciliation and Opinion of Value of Value (Cont.)
Page 21 Certified Statements
Page 22 Qualifications Michael Laudone
Page 23 Qualifications Christopher Antonis
Page 24 Photos 1
Page 25 Photos 2 - Interior
Page 26 Photos 3 - Interior
Page 27 Photos 4 - Interior
Page 28 Comparable Sales Photos
Page 29 Comparable Sales Photos (Cont.)
Page 30 State Certification
Page 31 Floorplan
Page 32 Phillipsburg Code
Page 33 Zoning
Page 34 Zoning (Cont.)
Page 35 Phillipsburgh Code (Cont.)
Page 36 Schedule of Area, Lot and Bulk Requirements
Page 37 This Indenture
Page 38 This Indenture (Cont.)
Page 39 Signatures


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Public Auction

To Settle Estate
518 South Main Street
Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Auction Date: 09/17/2010
Auction Time: 6:30 PM

Three story building with parking in rear. Zoned B4 Central Business District.

200 amp service,water, sewer, gas.

To be sold "AS IS" to the highest bidder.












































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